Yaba, The Crazy Drug of Thailand


Yaba or (ya ba) is the term that the Thai’s use for methamphetamine and it is referred to as the crazy drug as many of the users behave crazy when they are on it. The drug in Thailand is usually a mixture of meth and caffeine and mostly comes in the form of a reddish or orange pill.

The drug is popular in the nightlife districts of Thailand where bar girls and go go dancers take them to stay up all night and to keep themselves slim. Some dealers of yaba, like to promote the drug as a skin whitener to Thai women, as many Thai women have an obsession with trying to look white and the drug is known to make your skin look more white and pasty.

Many workers in Thailand take yaba so they can work all day and night without stopping and some even work for 48 hours without a break. This often has terrible consequences in the long run, as the energy that the drug once gave them, wears off and they find themselves taking more to perform the same way as they once did. The effects of not getting enough sleep also have a devastating impact and it catches up with them before long.

The damaging effects of yaba are just as bad as meth and most users in Thailand smoke it which is the most toxic way to take it. Smoking yaba can cause severe physiological problems when used for long enough and many users who have been on it for a while, have depression and psychosis and suffer from paranoid delusions. The fumes from burning the drug, make it more toxic and accelerate the negative effects. The drug is also very addictive and users can have severe withdrawals when they don’t take it. Yaba is also swallowed, snorted and even injected. Injecting a substance such as this is very dangerous, as it goes strait into the bloodstream and one can easily overdose.

A long term yaba user looks the same as a long term meth user and there are the signs of pasty and scabby looking skin and muscle wasting.

In 2003, the Thai government cracked down hard on yaba usage and went on a killing spree of suspected drug dealers. More than 2000 people were killed in a 3 month period by the police and none of the killings were ever investigated. The crackdown didn’t stop the problem, it made the price to buy the drug go up.

Some tourists who come to Thailand also take yaba and although the risks and penalties of getting caught as a foreigner is high, there are still some that are stupid enough to take the risk. Touristy areas such as Koh Phangan are where the Full Moon Party is held and the usage of yaba here is high and the tourists feel as though they are safe from getting caught as there are so many people around all partying. Many tourists have been caught with yaba and receive a jail sentence and a large fine.

Even drinking from the buckets at the Full Moon Party can get you into trouble, as some of them are known to be spiked with yaba to make you drink more. The police in Thailand only have to get you to have a urine test for you to go to jail for yaba. If the test shows up as positive, your a goner and it doesn’t matter if you have had your drink spiked or not, the police wont be interested, so it’s important to make sure you minimize your chances of a drink spiking anywhere in Thailand, as it could have yaba in it.

Remember to stay away from any illicit drugs in Thailand, as you could be spending a lot of time in jail for even a small amount of drugs



Mekong Delta is famously known to be the most welcoming region of Vietnam! Explore the landscapes of rice fields and villages of billions of small canals and rivers and marshes populated by egrets and storks. Immerse yourself in rural life: discover the floating markets, fruit trees , flowers , artisan factories candy coconut, brick … illuminated by the smiles of the inhabitants . The charm of the walks along the water: Small boat, cycling through the villages, motorbike through the rice fields … it’s easy and pleasant to travel the region. Visits Khmer pagodas in the region of Chau Doc and Tra Vinh

The best weather is dry season which runs from December to April. In the region of Chau Doc , prefer the months from December to February because then the rice fields were harvested and bird reserves dry up , if the level of water is down, the boat tours are canceled .If you visit the delta during the rainy season, know that the western part to Chau Doc and the Cambodian border is the rainiest. Closer to Saigon, in the surroundings of Can Tho, Ben Tre and Tra Vinh , rain can be reduced to tropical showers an hour, then the good weather returns .

Discover the Melkong Delta


The Mekong Delta is a wonderful region located in southern island, what characterizes this area are the vast rivers, islands and swamps. Floating markets, pagodas and villages are all included inside the rice bowl of Vietnam. Experiencing one of the most fascinating trips I have ever lived was truly inspiring, here is my story.


The region often start in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) or Can Tho. Experiencing this trip will give a glimpse of the local life firsthand. Spend time exploring villages observing old traditions, learn to cook Vietnamese food and glide through the waterways watching locals going about their daily lives.

Ben Tree is one of the most wonderful cities while travel on Mekong Delta tours, also known as the coconut land, the capital of the province with the same name has so much to offer. One of the best way to explore the city, it to rent a bike and just go for tour around the villages. The ferries that still traverse the river used to be the main means of transportation for many of the city’s residents.

-Can Tho, known for its floating markets, the most famous one is Cai Rang This markets reunite every sellers from each part of the region. There were many boats from all other province in Mekong Delta that were full of fruits gathering at the Cai Rang. Some boats even departed their home from mid night to get there in time. Many families also use the boats as their mobile home.

We recommend you to discover the various floating markets: Cai Rang, Cai Be, Phong Dien, Long Xuyen, a cruise on the Mekong river, take a bike and get a closer and fascinating discovery of the landscape, visit the the Khmer pagodas in Chau Doc or Tra Vinh region, meet the locals,: you will learn so much from them and finish with a taste of every tropical fruits that Mekong Delta has to offer

Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand



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Getaways on Secluded Greek Islands

Some of the best destinations in the world are in the Greek Islands, where the combination of breath taking scenery, beautiful beaches and fascinating history provide unforgettable holidays. Resorts in Corfu and Crete are popular because they offer a mix of all inclusive services that appeals to visitors looking for relaxed yet scenic getaways.

Corfu is in the Ionian Sea and has a rich history owing in part to its location on the north western frontier of Greece, as well as in Greek mythology, as its Greek name, “Kerkyra”, is related to Poseidon, god of the sea, and Asopos, which is a Greek river. It has recently become a popular tourist location, particularly in the south of the island, where beaches and nightclubs are surplus in places like Kavos. Acharavi in the north offers a lazy, more relaxed outlook on life for those who prefer quiet evenings enjoying local cuisine in the tavernas.

Crete is the largest island in Greece in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. It’s also a centre of the country’s cultural heritage, and yet with unique local traits, having once been the home of the ancient Minoan civilisation. Malia in the north is a big tourist attraction, where sea, sand and cocktails are on the menu every day, while Aghios Nikolaos is similar but slightly lower key, and Rethymnon is great for family holidays.

Have a look at options for Greece all inclusive holidays on islands in the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas.

Experience a Melange of Shopping Experiences in Sydney

Australia may seem like a long distance away, but if you stay for several weeks it is well worth all that inflight entertainment. Sydney is a hub where you can really appreciate all things creative from fashion to music and art, attracting international talent. Ocean beaches will leave you refreshed while the harbour is a great asset and a place where you will feel you can leave the stresses of your daily routine behind you.

Retail therapy is on offer around the city, and you can combine this with a look at some of Sydney’s historical sights. The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is a high-Victorian building which was at one stage in danger of demolition. Restored in the mid-1980s, 200 speciality shops are now thriving in a centre where original features include the wrought-iron balconies, Byzantine dome, mosaic floors and stained glass shopfronts. Lovers of architecture could spend hours in admiration here and surprisingly the shopping might even take a backseat. However from designer fashion stores to local jewellers, you can pretty much find anything you want to take home.

Queen Street is a refined, tree lined avenue where summer chestnuts hang from the branches – a must for those looking to source some unique antiques. An upmarket village feel pervades; people sit outside delis in the sunshine and you can take your time on those long hot days. Artisanal glassware sits alongside silk cushions, the fashion is sophisticated and there are many individual pieces to be collected – you could even find that perfect wedding dress.

Something a little more causal can be discovered at the Rocks Market where 150 stalls sell all sorts of items from faux Aboriginal art to fossils and opals – if you are a tourist looking for some souvenirs this could be the place for you.

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Escape the bustle of Toronto

On the northwest shore of Lake Ontario you will find Toronto, which has continued to develop since the 18th century. Climb the CN Tower – a communications and observation tower – to soak up magnificent views across the city and the lake and witness the sheer scale of this financial hub.

Escape from the bustle of the city in Toronto’s many parks and gardens where you can stroll along lakeside trails or simply relax and wonder at the beautiful displays, particularly during the summer months.

Discover Toronto Botanical Garden, a haven for locals and visitors alike. Themed gardens include Westview Terrace, where you are greeted by a blend of fragrances, the Herb Garden which is made up of circular beds for herbs and healing plants and Nature’s Garden – a representation of two of the habitats found around Toronto.

Claireville Conservation Area provides protection to many species, a largely forested area and High Park is a wilderness of 400 acres with many nature trails, a children’s adventure playground and even a restored cottage dating back to 1837.

Toronto is a green city boasting many places where you can go to have a picnic or take a break from the cultural attractions and busy streets. Hop aboard a flight to Toronto in 2012 to really appreciate the diversity available.

Sydney’s Iconic Port Jackson

Australia is a popular destination owing to its warm weather, world-class shopping and excellent tourism infrastructure. Sydney, the state capital of South East Wales, is on the coast of the Tasman Sea and Australia’s most populated city. One of the prime destinations is Port Jackson, better known Sydney Harbour, which is home to the distinctive Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The architect of Sydney’s Opera House, Jørn Utzon, received critical acclaim when he received the Pritzker Prize for designing the multi-venue performing arts centre in 1957. It has become a place of world acclaim after it was given UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007. It’s bordered by Sydney and Farm Cove, which form part of the harbour, and the lush Royal Botanic Gardens. In contrast to its name, it’s the site of a variety of performance arts including ballet and theatre.

Harbour Bridge is a grand, steel arch bridge the carries traffic between Sydney’s CBD and North Shore. View from the bridge (which encapsulate the harbour, opera house and city) are iconic of the city. Built in 1932, it has earned the nickname “Coathanger” on account of its arch-based design, while at the same time earning the accolade as the world’s widest long-span bridge. Measuring 440 feet from tip to water level, it was until recently Sydney’s tallest structure, and still qualifies as among the tallest steel arch bridge.

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Manchester: the UK’s Most Metro City

Manchester is the UK’s third largest city, and following the decline in heavy industry in the 1980s, it transformed into a trendy, bustling metropolis with an a popular nightclub scene. If you’re moving to Manchester, you’ll be faced with whether to settle in the north, south or centre, depending on where you work and what your living requirements are.

Popular city areas are the Deansgate Locks near the Deansgate and Oxford Road stations, which is also home to a large number of upmarket bars and restaurants. Castlefield is a greener spot, bordered by the Bridgewater and Rochdale Canals, and popular among those who enjoy its large outdoor areas.

In the south is the home of the red devils in Old Trafford, and the suburban borough of Bowden, while heading further south are Rusholme and Withington, which are popular among students of the University of Manchester. Upmarket Trafford, in which larger homes and luxury apartments can be found, is in suburbs such as Stretford, Altrincham and Hale Barns.

As Manchester has increased in size, so the outlying areas have grown into popular suburban hamlets, conveniently located on the arterial routes of the city. Trendy cafes and boutique stores have sprung up to serve modern apartment buildings that stand alongside more traditional houses. In the south, Chorlton and Didsbury are a good choice, while a few miles north of the centre, Whitefield and Prestwich have a buzzing collection of restaurants and bars.

Find apartments and houses to rent in Manchester, one of the UK’s busiest and trendiest cities, known for its sport, music and cultural scenes.

Ancient Treasures in Cyprus

Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean and one of Greece’s most popular holiday destinations, has a rich and fascinating history dating back as far as 12 millennia. With many UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Neolithic village in the Maroni River valley, Khirokitia, and the spectacular Tombs of the Kings near Paphos, history enthusiasts consider Cyprus a mine of well-preserved ancient treasures.

However, a worker in a construction site made another discovery that sets Cyprus apart and dates early humans living on the island right back in the Stone Age. Six ancient water wells were discovered near the popular coastal city of Paphos in the southwest, where many tourists enjoy the luxury accommodation in Ktima and Kato Paphos in the summer.

In one of the wells, archaeologists made something of a grizzly find: the body of a young woman was encased inside, along with bone fragments, sharp flints and stone jewellery. A spokesman commented that it showed the sophistication of these early settlers, who may have lived as long ago as 10,500 BC, that they were able to excavate as far down as 16 feet in order to tap into the island’s water table.

The wells are among one of many sites confirming early human activity on Cyprus. Other sites of interest are remnants of hunter-gatherer society in Aetokremnos, and the beautifully preserved remains of a cat buried with its owner near Limassol. Buy cheap flights to Cyprus to explore the ancient side of this beautiful Greek island.